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About Me

I have always been curious about technology. I remember letting my imagination flow on MS Paint, and breaking phones just to see how the little parts worked together. I have always believed in its power to reach millions and create an impact within seconds.

By majoring in Computer Science, my goal is to make a difference through technology because of its power to reach millions and create an impact within seconds. With a strong interest in product management, software engineering, app development and machine learning, I seek to improve one life at a time with hopes to one day create a successful product that will improve millions.

Currently, I am a rising senior at UNC Chapel-Hill pursing Computer Science with a minor in Entrepreneurship and PPE, an integrated study of philosophy, politics and economics. Aside from my interests in technology, I enjoy traveling, photography, and journaling.

Software Development

Extensive experience in both modern programming like JavaScript or Python, and legacy Mainframe COBOL/CICS environments

Web Development

Experienced in developing optimized landing pages in HTML/CSS/JS, react & WordPress. Domain and Database Hosting, and regular maintainence


Side Hobby! Portfolio Website coming soon 🙂


  • Everything
  • Apps
  • Blog
  • Security
  • Web Design
AppsWeb Design

Call to Action To Help International Students

Call to Action To Help International Students

Web Application that uses Google App Script to scrape data from Google Sheets and builds a interactive table with advanced filtering, sorting and searching options to help international students requests for oncampus classes to exempt them from ICE regulations. Website also contains petitions and resources to help. Read more


Yummy Fleet – Launch Chapel-Hill

Yummy Fleet – Launch Chapel-Hill

Yummy Fleet is an online ordering and on-campus food delivery platform designed to make the dining experience more flexible and healthy for college students. Read more

Web Design

Vector Rideshare

Vector Rideshare

Designed Vector Rideshare landing page using Bootstrap, HTML/CSS/JS, PHP, WordPress and MySQL. Check it out!


The Nerve Center

The Nerve Center

Real-Time Threat Detection application and NoSQL database with microsecond latency using AWS Kinesis, DynamoDB, SQL, SQS, WAF and NodeJS Lambda services. Check it out!

Web Design

NBA Scores Predictor – Quatroah

NBA Scores Predictor – Quatroah

NBA scores predictor, news and monitoring favorite teams using 3rd party API, Node.JS, Bootstrap,HTML/CSS and JavaScript. Check it out!

Web Design

Nogas Gallery – AIESEC in Egypt

Nogas Gallery – AIESEC in Egypt

An up-to-date website for Noga's Gallery, startup in Alexandria, Egypt that specializes in Interior Design and Architecture, using HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, JQuery and WordPress applications. Check it out!


2017-2021 UNC

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Bachelors in Computer Science, Entrepreneurship Minor

  • Global Honors, Honors Carolina, Covenant Scholar and Wood Family Merit Scholar, 3.4/4.0 GPA
  • Relevant Courses: Data Structures/Algorithms, Computer Assembly, Web Development, Internet Services/Protocols, Files & Databases


June 2020 - Dec 2020

IBMSoftware Developer, CICS Level 2

IBM - Summer & Fall Co-Op

  • Development on Mainframe systems, software updates, production support and maintenance using COBOL/CICS/JCL, Assembler Language Code (ALC) or Java
  • Debug procedures, parameters and other specifications required to implement COBOL programs
Learn More about CICS
Feb 2020 - May 2020

IBMSecurity Engineer Intern


  • Develop a Real-Time Threat Detection application and NoSQL database with less than 1 μs latency using AWS Kinesis, DynamoDB, SQL, SQS, WAF and NodeJS Lambda services
  • Create analytical tools to perform root-cause analysis on application logs in case of service failures
My Project PayNearMe
Apr 2020 - Current

IBMWeb Developer & Outreach Specialist

Vector Rideshare

  • Designed responsive web applications on Google Cloud Platform using Bootstrap, HTML/CSS/JS, PHP and MySQL, accelerating delivery time by 35% and leading above 500+ downloads
  • Identify media opportunities and negotiate sponsorships to increase startup brand awareness
Check out the Website Design
Aug 2019 - Dec 2019

IBMExperience Participant Manager

AIESEC Chapel Hill

  • Guide the Exchange Participants in finding relevant opportunities and projects to apply for, while aiding them with the Selection Process
  • Follow up with the Exchange Participants once they are abroad, making sure that they are receiving all the Exchange Standards and having a quality experience
May 2019 - July 2019

IBMFull-Stack Web Developer & Digital Marketing Intern

AIESEC in Egypt - Global Entrepreneur

  • Develop optimized landing pages in HTML5/CSS/WordPress and implement servers and PHP MySQL database for domain hosting and website functionality
  • Social media marketing via SEO techniques that increased daily traffic by 30%
Website Design Blog: Week 1 Startup Unicorn Project
Jan 2019 - May 2019

IBMMobile Application Developer

DevApp - UNC Chapel-Hill

  • Designed mobile applications in Swift & Android Studio in Eclipse IDE Environments
  • Redirect students to Computer Science related bootcamps, on-campus and online resources
DevApp  Homepage
Nov 2018 - May 2019

IBMTechnology Support Specialist

UNC ITS Service Desk

  • Provide Tier I customer service and technical support to UNC affiliates via phone and live chat
  • Averaging 60 clients per week and achieved highest survey score within 40 days of employment
UNC ITS Homepage
From Houses to Homes

Secretary & Volunteer

FHTH aims to strengthen community harmony in highland Guatemala by building lasting, healthy homes, improving access to health care & education.

HackNC 2019

Logistics & Marketing Volunteer

Provide support in preparing, implementing and facilitating the hackathon

AIESEC Chapel Hill

Exchange Participant Manager

Guide the Exchange Participants in finding relevant opportunities and projects to apply for, while aiding them with the Selection Process

Wood Family Scholars

Student Mentor

Serve as a mentor to help, navigate and provide support to an assigned mentee throughout their academic career.

Active Minds

Programming Committee

Preside over meetings and stay active and involved in committee activities.


Technical Skills
Web Design
Full Stack, Bootstrap, Databases, React, WordPress
Software Development
AWS, COBOL/CICS, Eclipse, Visual Studio
Security Management
AWS: DynamoDB, Kinesis, SQL, SQS, WAF
Product Management
Agile Sprints, Design Thinking, Scrum, Roadmaps
App Design
Swift, Web Apps
Marketing & Branding
Google Analytics, G Suite, Mailchimp, SEO
Adobe Apps
Photoshop, Premiere, XD Web Design
Coding Skills
95 %
90 %
85 %
80 %
70 %
C# / C++
65 %
65 %
60 %
COBOL (Mainframe)
55 %
MIPS Assembly
50 %


Nehemiah Stewart

President; CEO at SchoolPool, LLC. Founder of Vector Rideshare Undergraduate Research Assistant at UNC Chapel Hill

When Ankush interviewed to join the Vector Rideshare team, I could immediately see a different level of curiosity and desire to learn. His work alongside other startups had fueled his passion for growth and understanding the inner mechanisms of developing a business structure. This passion was made evident from the very first project Ankush undertook with our organization, which was a website rehaul. He immediately stepped up to assist the team, and in large part directed most of the work that was done for Any company that brings on Ankush, is getting a dedicated, detail oriented individual who will adopt your company's core values and mission as his own.

Kurt Thams

CTO, CISO of /

Kush joined us as an information security engineering intern during his entrepreneurship course at UNC. He was earnest and diligent and it was a joy to have him on the team.

Honors & Awards

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